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work from home edib ridic myprofitlistbizHi, I’m Edib Ridic. I’ve been doing online marketing since 2009.
Since than I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons which of course cost me quite some money as well. Despite that I enjoy every minute spent online! It is a lot of fun and excitement to work with people and help them achieve their success!


Working online, from home, takes a lot of passion, time, commitment and of course plenty of hard work!! You need to know that success and results never come over night, so find your goal, be persistent and never give up! Be improving yourself every day! Knowledge is extremely important as well as strengthening your skills! Leaders are readers, as it is said!

After 5 years of being in this industry I believe that having multiple streams of income is the best way to achieve financial freedom. With my blog I provide you a list of trusted and stable online long term income opportunities – the hottest on the web at the moment.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and find some valuable information.

You may contact me anytime (by submitting a form at the bottom or through any social site). Even if you do not join with me in any of listed programs I would still be pleased to talk with you and offer you my help.

Have Fun and Happy Earnings!



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