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work from home make money with waste

work from home jobs gift

If you care a lot about the environment and want to find a good solid ECO business, help the planet and earn at the same time then you might be interested in being part of Recyclix. It is a company which implements and controls various investment projects in Europe and has its head office located in Warsaw, Poland. They have been collaborating with leading international companies engaged in production and recycling of plastic for a long time.

Every registered user by default becomes both a prosperous business affiliate and a real environmentalist. Recyclix uses only environmentally friendly technologies that don’t harm the ecosystem and help restore it. They combined ecology and business because they believe that our future is all about these two things! When you join Recyclix, you become a subsidiary of ecological business.



They make it possible for you to earn by providing you open access to sale and purchase of recyclable materials -plastic on the international market using our website.

Their company arranges and controls the recycling process, whilst you simply participate in purchasing the raw materials for their following processing and sale!

It all works as simple as ABC: you purchase the waste, they recycle it for you, and then sell it. Recyclix takes waste that no one wanted and turns it into high-technology materials that can be used in many various industries.

For example, they take used LDPE plastic and turn it into granules that are afterwards used for production of common black trash bags as well as certain pipes and other plastic items.



They want to make the standard European recycling model even more profitable and technically impeccable using their online service with path-breaking capabilities. Whilst they are always up-to-date on the major changes in the recycling industry economy in Europe thanks to close ties with representatives of the industry government bodies.

Their another aim, which is by no means unimportant, is to provide long-term and consistent income to every participant of their project irrespective of what kind of partnership scheme they opted for. Success of our business partners is all about production growth, expanding geographically, and high profitability. They want their partners to earn more because it’s profitable for us too.

Recycling of plastics is the most profitable field in recycling industry:

  • Consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during last 50 years;

  • 86% of European plastics is exported to China;

  • Only 20% of all plastic in the world is recycled, the rest is still burned;

  • Recycling industry profits in 2015 are measured at 372 bln EUR.

The statistics is self-explanatory. The industry possesses a vast potential for growth, whilst there is almost no market competition and the government doesn’t support the industry well enough for launching the necessary amount of facilities. Currently the recycling industry is one of the most promising and profitable low-risk investment fields!

Europe ranks second in the global production of plastic materials at 20%, whilst China ranks first at 24,8%. More to that, demand for plastic is continuously growing and the plastic industry growth has a far-reaching effect on various crucial European economic sectors. Plastics industry is a factor that plays a key role in development of innovations in many fields of science not only in Europe, but around the world too. is more than just a recycling trader. They’ve created theircompany in order to bring plastic recycling to a new level. They offer their clients an integrated package of services and help companies find and implement economically effective solutions in every particular case.


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  • Minority ownership in the business;
  • Providing factories with the complete working cycle: recycling, processing, and delivery of reprocessed granules. For example, by making film of 100% recyclable materials, expenses for its purchase for farming companies will be cut by 20% on the average;
  • Outsourcing of production facilities by the third-party companies on a commercial basis.
  • Carrying out raw material supplies for various factories;
  • Assistance in carrying out awareness-raising campaigns about recycling and explaining the importance of waste recycling for ecology.

Sell plastic waste and generate income

  • If your company is producing plastic waste that it doesn’t need, we would like to help you turn this waste into a real income flow. Don’t have time or experience to sell it yourself? Contact us. We’ll find the buyer much faster than the competitors.

Go green using eco-friendly techniques

  • Instead of taking the plastic waste to the waste grounds, better get in touch with our company and we’ll help you sell your plastic waste for further recycling. Eco-friendly green recycling businesses are a rapidly-growing trend in the modern world. And our company will help you join this trend. You can do something new and help the environment by selling your plastic waste and earn at the same time.

High accountability and transparency

  • creates technological innovations and front-rank business tools in order to facilitate the process of purchase and sale of plastic waste. Stop messing around with piles of unnecessary papers and team up with us to enjoy your individual database for deal management in our web system.

You will find detailed information about weight, profits, prices, and deadlines as well as other valuable business analytics in your member’s area once you sign up. This is crucial and transparent data that the clients have the right to know and must know in order to correctly estimate the profits and trustworthiness of the transaction.


How can you make money without spending any!


(1) Make use of the €20 Free bonus 

Recyclix is currently offering a €20 bonus for members who sign up. The signing up process is a very quick process, it just requires you to key in your email address and verify it. However, to qualify for the bonus you have to update both your Name & Birthdate. Once you completed that, €20 will be credited to your account.

There’s nothing much you could do with the bonus. You only can buy €20 worth waste shares.


work from home jobs gift


(2) Bring in “Partners”

Instead of just using the €20 bonus and waiting for it to grow, there is an additional opportunity for you to increase your earnings in the mean time.

Become an Affiliate!

Basically, you will be given an Affiliate link to promote. Whenever someone clicks on your link and joins, they will automatically become your partner. You will be able to earn commissions up to four levels.

  • Level 1(Recruited by yourself) – 10%
  • Level 2 – 3%
  • Level 3 – 2%
  • Level 4 – 1%

There are no fixed commissions to earn from a particular partner you recruited. It will eventually depend on how many shares your partners buy.

Your earnings are increased after each cycle completed, full recycling cycles are not limited:

– 6% from the amount of recycled material after the 1st cycle (takes 3 weeks).

-8% more from the difference in price of the material after the 2nd cycle (2 weeks).

– Totally, 14% after the full recycling cycle (5 weeks)


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Recommended Upgrades

You will boost your profit for the entire recycling cycle from 14% to 50% upon sale of the granules,purchasing shares in the recycling equipment.

You can buy 5 types recycling equipment units to increase your production.  All increases the amount of waste you can purchase.

  1. FORKLIFT SORTING LINE– Increases your revenue share from by 4% to 8% to 32%.
  2. SHREDDER– Increases your revenue share from by 5% to 9% to 33%.
  3. WASHING LINE– Increases your revenue share from by 7% to 10% to 35%.
  4. GRANULATOR– Increases your revenue share from by 8% to 13% to 50%.


Recyclix Strategy

As already mentioned, you can use the gift to buy waste and equipment units. You can also  invest your own money to purchase most of all and increase your profits, it is your choice. I recommend you read carefully the guidelines for a better understanding of the business.

You can go completing recycling cycles and reinvest your profits, or part, or withdraw money… But consider these tips:

– To receive the total spent on buying material should click on the SALE at the end of any cycle.

– If you sell your materials after the first or second cycle, you will have losses, because the  revenue sharing will not be enough to make benefits.

– Earnings depend on their revenue sharing (at least 25%) according to the rules. – You will not be able to maximize its rate of profit if only buying a lot of waste without any equipment.

– You should buy shares of the necessary equipment wisely, so that you can reach the ideal proportion  of costs of materials and equipment.

– Remember that, after you finish the complete cycle, can transfer your winnings to your account balance  by clicking the RECYCLE button (NOT IN SALE).


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