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What is AdsCrypto?how to make money online adscrypto logo myprofitlistbiz

AdsCrypto is the only Bitcoin RevShare with a solid & transparent external income on the market today. Is an Online Advertising plus Revenue Sharing program which is designed by keeping in mind the rapid growth of RevShare an Cryptocurrency Industry.


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Crypto Currency – The Future

With the recent boom in Bitcoin, people start realising that it is the best source of keeping the assets and use as payment system. Currently bitcoin’s market cap is 16Billion USD and all the indicators showing that bitcoin can acquire a Market cap of more than 1 trillion USD in next few years.


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work at home chart myprofitlistbizWhy AdsCrypto?

After being the part of RevShare Industry for more than two years gained enough experience and knowledge of how to make and run a long term RevShare. We build AdsCrypto keeping in mind the following three main points

1) Quality and Cost effective Advertising Servic
2) A Long Term and Stable Profit Sharing Plan
3) Experienced and Honest Admins
                                                                        4) External Revenue Sources


How AdsCrypto is fullfiling all these needs?

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how to make money online cryptocurrency1 myprofitlistbizQuality and Cost effective Advertising Services

We are providing the necessary tools of digital marketing like Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange ads, Solo ads, Advt Pack Ads, Cash Link ads, Withdraw Ads, Logout Ads etc. Members can use these services to advertise their Business to all the targeted audience with GEO tagging feature at the unrealistically cheap rates

how to make money online cryptocurrency myprofitlistbiz  A Long Term and Stable Profit Sharing Plan

We finalized our Revenue Sharing plan after week’s long discussion and mathematical calculations to make sure it is financially stable for longer period of time Click Here for Plan Details

  Experienced and Honest Admins

how to make money online cryptocurrency3 myprofilistbiz

We have more than Six years of experience in Online Network Marketing, 3+ years in Rev Share Industry and 1+ year in Cryptocurrency Trading. After huge success in Network Marketing with recruiting 1000’s of members in different online programs and almost making 10x profit in Cryptocurrency Trading we decided to make our own  platform where we can help others to achieve their financial freedom.

how to make money online cryptocurrency4 myprofitlistbizExternal Revenue Sources

We are using our Cryptocurrency Trading experience to generate external revenue source for our program, by trading in cryptocurrencies on average we are generating 1.5%-2% daily profit which will be used as an external income source along with income from selling all advertising products.


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Owners of AdsCrypto

how to make money online adscrypto owner myprofitlistbizAjit Ghorpade, In IT profession worked as a Software Engineer and now active as an Online Entrepreneur since 2010. He is Owner, Strategy Planner of He is managing Support, Technical and Financial aspects of AdsCrypto. In offline world he is working as a REAL ESTATE Consultant, have some involvements in Govt. bonds, stock market and in commodities. He has vast experience, achieved tremendous success and is a well know personality in network marketing and in internet marketing. He is on a mission to make AdsCrypto a “Brand”. He is Expert in CryptoCurrency Trading. As an experienced and skillful trader, he is helping new born traders to achieve success in this CryptoCurrency industry.

Click HERE to visit his FB page.


how to make money online adscrypto owner2 myprofitlistbizZahid Jadoon, Owner of AdsCrypto. Managing Support, Technical and Financial aspects of AdsCrypto. He is also managing CryptoCurrency Trading which is one of the main external revenue source of AdsCrypto. He has special trading skills which reflects in his 100% success rate. His mission is to make AdsCrypto and AdsCrypto members financially stable by doing CryptoCurrency trading and guiding others on the path of skillful trading.

Click HERE to visit his FB page.


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AdsCrypto Vision


A Rev Share where inflows should be greater than outflows.

Inflows: Total Deposits from Processor + Advertisement Sells Revenue + Crypto Trade Profits

Outflows: Withdrawals

External Revenue Source: Crypto Trading

The main external revenue source is crypto currency trading where they expertise. AdsCrypto got my full attention when I saw the presence and full support of Uday Nara from MPCA in their official FB Group. In his words: AC future looks very very bright.

Ajit and Zahid are the trusted owners. They have already proven their reliability in Procrypto. Watching their communication in the group chat and people paid regularly from Procrypto makes me confident enough that their intentions are good. They know this market in depth also understand the risk and reward factors. They know market volatility and have strategies accordingly. Experienced traders can predict timings when to enter in market and exit. If market is in bullish phase can earn good profits and keep it in reserves and when market in bearish phase can accumulate more potential coins on lower levels and wait to go market trend up and give profits.


Words of owners about vision of AdsCrypto


Our main External Revenue Source is Crypto Currency Trading where we expertise. We know this market in depth also understand the risk and reward factors. We know market volatility and have strategies accordingly. Experienced traders can predict timings when to enter in this market and exit. If market is in bullish phase can earn good profits and keep it in reserves and when market is in bearish phase can accumulate more potential coins on lower levels and wait to go market trend up to give profits. If you have vast trading experience and lots of funds liquidity, you will never lose bitcoins in this crypto trading market. Bitcoin and altcoin’s are like commodity coins where you can buy – store – sell as per your wish. If your coins are not performing then you can accumulate more or average out on lower levels if you have good funds liquidity and wait for market up trend. In simple words never sell holding coins in loss; keep it up till they gives you good profit in future. Keep patience always. Control your greed and fear. Diversify funds in good MCap / HCap coins; follow coin news, bitcoin talk thread and market trends, visit bitcoin forums, slacks etc…This way you will not lose. Ask our experienced traders who are in our secret telegram trading chat group (, they will tell you their success stories.

Experienced traders know how much crypto trading is profitable in long run with bitcoin value keeps increasing steadily. In good days you earn even 50-100% on alt coins you hold. In bad days you get good chance to accumulate more alt coins on lower levels. Overall we are not totally depending on new member’s capital funds. We have to generate 25% on advt pack 1, 20% on advt pack 2, 15% on advt pack 3 and 10% on advt pack 4 that too in 50-60 days so we have ample of time to earn this % from crypto trading, even in good days we can achieve this target within two weeks. That makes AdsCrypto Non Ponzi with solid External Revenue Source. We have capping on daily earnings and on withdrawals as well. We have referral commission structure based on cash purchases – for promotional basis so reserves will not dry easily. It took two months to design AdsCrypto Pay Plan where our main vision was cash inflows in the system should be greater than cash outflows.

Kindly do not compare AdsCrypto with other businesses. Understand AdsCrypto vision, ethics, pay plans are sustainable or not. Go into deep and study by own. If you are an expert to understand how business works than you will get all answers automatically without taking others opinion. If you are not comfortable with the word ‘RevShare’ than eliminate that word from your mind as we believe AdsCrypto is a project for everyone where our main focus is to make AC business model sustainable for long years and profitable for everyone and also get all your advertising needs fulfilled.

If we talk about today’s (4th week after site launch) AdsCrypto financial scenario where we are not even 1 month old…we have already generated around 45% net profit revenue on total inflows means e.g. if total inflow is 100BTC till date, we have generated 45BTC additional revenue (most from crypto trading) means total we have 145BTC reserves that too in 1st 27 days of site launch…means if we stop registering new members in AdsCrypto and stop trading for next 2 months; still all our paid members are in profit with 145%. So if we can generate 45% on 100BTC in 1st 27 days than how much it will be next on sum of 145BTC (145BTC*45%)…it will keep adding every time…in this way our overall revenue reserves will keep increasing day by day…Understand funds liquidity is very important in crypto trading and we have ample liquidity with 2 experienced brains in trading (owners itself). We are also guiding our AdsCrypto members / non-members in Crypto Trading unconditionally and they also getting benefits from our trading news, charts, reports, trading history and from technical and fundamental analysis, we will continue the same. We have official FB Trading Group, Secret Poloniex Traders chat group on Telegram to help you all those who don’t know about crypto trading can join us there…


Visit Adscrypto finacial page every week to know Financials Status of AdsCrypto.


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