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I would like to make this cross analogy of X100K:

Just like any Journey in Life You need a Path.

With X100K once you Join, you are given the Path to Wealth.
It’s a 1,000 Mile Path. At the End, your Destination,
You will have achieved Great Wealth.

Your Path is Very Rocky, and everyone Starts with
Bare Feat (A Free- Free Way Matrix Position). If you have abilities,
You can use them to get to
Check points along your
Path to Wealth, that Provide you with
a Greater ability to navigate the path.

If you Start like a Life Timer. Your path is going to be
With Bare Feat 100% of the way. As a Member that is
active, you start down the path with bare feat.
But very quickly you come to Your 1st Check point.

At your first Check point, you get a pair of Running shoes!
The Running Shoes symbolize your ability to
Log in daily and Leverage your Login ad earnings to buy Free Way
and Freedom Matrix Positions. This “enables” you to travel faster,
down your Road to wealth. The life timer, will never get
a pair of shoes, since their path is different than yours.
As everyones path is different with your abilities.

So now you are traveling faster. It seems achievable that you
can reach your destination. As you “run” along your path,
you are gaining Wealth from purchasing Free Way and Freedom Matrix positions.
Then you reach your next Check point. Here you are given
a Bike. The Bike symbolizes your “free Up friday” Upgrade, or
Achieving $7 for your First Weeks Subscription.

The bike is unique. It is available to Life timers at their Check point.
However the Bike has Pedals with Grippers.
Grippers require Shoes to pedal with maximum ability.
If you do not have shoes, you can’t pedal as fast.
Again the shoes are The same action. Logging in and leveraging.

As you go down the road with your New bike,
you notice it only has 1 speed. So you can only go so fast.
This is your ability to keep your subscription current.

But along the way you are still acquiring Wealth.
These are Pro positions, as well as Free Way and Freedom Positions.
If you decide to stop utlizing Login ads for the
Freedom and Free way matrix positions,
you have to take off your shoes.

When you get to your next Check point, You Get a NEW Bike.
This Bike has an extra Gear for Extra Speed.
It’s an X100K matrix Position, This comes from a Cycling of
a Pro Position, This is going to help Speed up
your Travel on the path to wealth. Help Build Consistancy
in your Subscrptions and Continue your Ability to
KEEP the shoes on! The Bike has Grippers on it’s Pedals.
The bike is availble to Life timers as Well. But the shoes
are still very important.

You Continue on your journey, and Even when you want to “quit”
You can’t. Even when Doubt and Frustration cloud your
judgement, You are forced to continue.

Then you get to the next Check point.
You have earned Leveraging Power! You have Funds for a
New Income Stream or A New Scavenger.
At this Check point, you are given a Car!
This Car Requires Special Driving Shoes!
You are given them as well! This Car is Special.
It has TWIN TURBOS! But you have to go to Driving School,
To utlize the Car for it’s Speed!

The driving school: Our Live Broadcasts!
Learn how to Maximise your cars TWIN TURBOS!

Life timers get a BUS. No Car, No shoes, No driving school.
The bus will take them Straight to their destination.
This is the cycling of a Scavenger, or a completing the Twin Turbos.
It can also come from an X100K position.

You are now in the Drivers Seat.
You’ve Completed Your Drivers Training.
You have your Driving Shoes on!

Your Ready to go. You get inside the Car,
and there is a Navigational Computer.
Your Next Check point.. The Airport.

The Airport is you Final Checkpoint.
At the Airport, you are going to get aboard a JET.
You are the PILOT, You can use your Driver Training,
To Complete your Pilot Training. And from that moment,
you can Pick any Wealth Destination You Choose!

In this “ability” members can acquire
The Gifts from Check points.

They can Buy Freedom and Free way Positoins. (a pair of running shoes)
They can buy a Bike. ( a pro subscription)
They can buy Gears for the Bike. (an X100K position)
They can Even get a Car. (buy Scavenger and Turbos)
If you Learn the Driver Training (Leveraging),
You will Get to the airport Faster!
Once you are a Pilot (Max Leveraging Member),
You are Set, You get to keep the JET! It’s your own
Private Jet to Wealth, and You can give People a
Faster Road to wealth in your JET!
You just Need to Buy them a Car, so they can get to the Airport!
If they are a Life Timer, you can Buy them a Ticket to ride the Bus!