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Napping to Boost Productivity: How Long is Too Long?

Far too commonly, we feel tired and groggy in the afternoon. Many cling to soda, coffee, or energy drinks as a means of revitalization. What can we do to combat our busy lifestyles? There’s a simple solution: napping! Napping at any strategic point during the day will significantly increase your ...

Categories: Self Improvement
Posted on Apr 7, 2015

13 Ways Successful People Deal With Toxic People

Among friends, family and co-workers, there are those whose attitudes can be demeaning and toxic. It is difficult relating to some of these people and thus it becomes a challenge. So how do we get out from the hole and be masters of our own fates? The best way is to learn from successful people how...

Categories: Self Improvement
Posted on Apr 5, 2015

The Numerous Benefits of Time Management Skills

It’s normal to hear time management discussed in business circles; yet, it is a topic that can be of great benefit to everybody. Time is a challenge for all of us, whether we’re business people, workers, students or stay at home moms or dads. There seems to be less time in today’s ...

Categories: Self Improvement
Posted on Apr 5, 2015

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