working from home dress myprofitlistbizAs a work from home mom, you are a professional. Just because your home base isn’t an office building doesn’t make you any less serious about your business venture. One way to “get into character” is to look the part.

Getting into Character

You are playing a part – the part of a business entrepreneur. Internet marketers, freelance writers, bloggers, online coaches and virtual assistants (to name a few) are professional people who happen to be fortunate enough to conduct their businesses by making their own hours. This brings with it a lot of responsibility that those who work in offices might not experience. For one, motivation comes from within instead of without.

Motivation, focus and discipline are all challenges for the working at home mother. With small children under foot, the line between business and family can get blurred. That is not the way that your business and your dreams will grow.

What can you do? Get out of those pajamas and do your hair. Changing your frame of mind is simpler when you are dressed for success. Remember how you prepared when you worked in the office? Do the same at home. The one advantage is that you don’t have to get up so early and you won’t be required to spend gas getting to your destination.

Dress for Success

What will make you feel like you are at work? It all depends on the nature of your business. Let’s begin with enterprises that are conducted solely online. Most of the time, you do not have direct face-to-face contact with clients. Your dress code can be business casual. If a teleconference comes up, you don’t have to rush and change. This look is also appropriate for promotional videos that you create for the internet.

The game changes a bit when your business involves going out and meeting clients. This is the case with MLM, or multi-level marketing. As a representative of Mary Kay, The Pampered Chef, Avon and the like, the clothes that you wear are a part of your presentation. Who wouldn’t want to buy a product from a smartly dressed woman? One of your customers may also take advantage of the business opportunities you represent because you looked the part at your product shows.

Service businesses that are conducted from home (cleaning, landscaping and etc.) may require work clothing when you are actually doing the job, but a smart outfit is advisable when meeting clients for the first time or promoting your business in the community. You feel more professional and potential customers can feel that as well.

If you haven’t given any thought to your business dress because you are at home while you are working, consider getting into character.