work from home jobs map myprofitlistbizHello World, I now have to address you as WORLD because that’s how far we have now reached (252 country’s with 30 million surf clicks per month) Lynne and I are settled in the US now with Mike Deese for the next month while we discuss all our new and exciting new products to be launched this year taking MAP to the next level. Even our haters are getting so board of hearing our next mile stones being battered through with 120,000 members that they can only dig up old FB posts to show the world. We now have our first member to has WITHDRAW to his bank YES taken out of MAP $1,000,000. We have many members withdrawing YES taking out of MAP over $1000 per week. All these results are not typical but the reality is ordinary people are achieving massive success advertising with our company. Whoever you are or whatever you think of this new online world of advertising it works simply because the business world needs to advertise to sell it’s products and the birth of the internet has made it better, faster and cheaper to do just that so we can afford to pay our members a generous profit share every 20 minutes.
Even better our members who have products or services to advertise on our site are having great success with CTR of 10% and making even more profit from their sales. Please don’t feel the pressure to jump in yet just watch us for another year and have 365 reasons to regret not getting on board and starting to earn an extra residual income for surfing 10 adverts per day

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