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My Advertising Pays is an advertising revenue share company that allows you to purchase quality traffic in form of advertising packages (CP).

It was founded by Michael Deese, a talented retired Air Force vet. The entire process of developing a program apparently took years, and they even hired a professional mathematician to help him with developing of technical model of the company.

Also, he lawyered up properly and got the baddest MLM attorney, famouse ‘MLM attorney’, Kevin Thompson.

The company barely launched at December 2013, but has already grew over 40,000 members (July update), and even 54,000 members (August update). See the growth chart:


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How My Advertising Pays is working?

Process of work itself is very easy to understand:

1) Purchase credit packs (CP),

2) Click on 10 ads daily,

3) Get paid.

So, you purchase advertising packs (web traffic), that you can use for your other business/es (Clickbank products, another MLM, affiliate deal, etc), and then, by clicking on 10 advertisements per day, you qualify yourself to participate in a company-wide revenue share program, where you earn profit shares bonuses from your advertising packs which refresh 72 times per day.

At the moment the profit share rate is approximately on average .30 -.50 per credit pack, per day (1.0%-1.5% ).
Due to this, many people choose to re-purchase their earnings into more credit packs so they can leverage the power of compound interest.
That is why Einstein said: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”
It is the most powerful way to earn money, ever, period.

Let me explain you a bit in details so it can makes more sense:

– You decide to join MAP (because you’re an action-taker) and you purchase for example 20 credit packs. (20 x $49.99 is $1,000)

– At 20 active credit packs, you are now earning around $10 per day  just off of revenue share earnings, assuming you click on 10 ads every day.
So, every five days or so, you’d be able to re-purchase another credit pack, just off of the earnings of those 20 credit packs.

Here are some other credit pack rate examples:

money myadvertisingpays adpack


As you can see you max out your active credit packs to 1200.

Why 1200 credit packs?

Because, at this point, you’re required to withdrawal your profit share earnings. Anything after 1200 packs is pure profit, you would just have to maintain 1200 packs.

This is crazy, because everyone is relentlessly purchasing packs to reach this goal. People get started, buy credit packs, and then become addicted to reaching 1200 packs.

You get paid 10% on all referral sales you bring into your MAP business , so you are literally getting daily commissions from one referral once they are over 100 packs, because at 100 packs, profit-share earnings alone would allow them to purchase another credit pack, every single day.

What is the MAP product?

The product is advertising credits (traffic).

When you purchase credit packs, you get thousands of ad impressions for your traffic offer. Then, you are able to set up simple text ad campaigns with your credits.

The traffic converts amazingly well. Because you are putting your offer in front of real buyers (people who take action instead of talking about taking action), the traffic is hyper-responsive. CTR (click-thru-rates) of this traffic is between 7%-20%.

There are some people building huge teams in other companies solely through their MAP traffic.

Do I need to recruit to make money in MAP?


You could actually make money ONLY by purchasing credit packs, and clicking on 10 ads per day

However, when you start seeing the passive income you’ll be making from profit share earnings and simplicity of the program, you would want to tell the world about My Advertising Pays.

You earn 10% on every personally-referred member. For example: Your friend join your team, and he purchase 90 credit packs right from the start (because he is an action-taker). In that case you earn $450 (90 x $49.99 = $4,500 = 10% of $4,500 is $450)

Following that your friend has caught the vision of getting to 1200 credit packs, he is buying more and more credit packs with his earnings. At 90 credit packs, he is almost earning a new credit pack per day, so he will continue to purchase credit packs until he gets to 1200 packs (and after, to maintain the 1200 packs, as credit packs eventually cycle after 100-120 days). And this is just one referral.

What Makes MAP Different Than the Rest?

1) MAP (My Advertising Pays) is a legitimate and compliant company that allows you to earn a steady and long-term income while advertising your business. This business can be another deal you are in or a Clickbank offer etc.

2) Math-based model that is expected to pay high daily percentages for years to come, backed by significant internal and external corporate sources.

3) Extremely simple, free to get started , and you instantly start making money after signing up and viewing ads once every 24 hours. Clicking on these ads take no more than 5 minutes each day.

4) The MAP system solves the sustainability problems of previous revenue-sharing models. The company currently has a 99% retention rate. This is unreal. But it makes sense, since literally every single person who participates in the daily profit share makes money.

5) You don’t have to promote it to make money. You can keep it this simple:

1) buy credit packs
2) click on 10 ads every day
3) get paid

 Step-By-Step guide for a MAP newbie


money myadvertisingpays1) Join our Facebook support group.

Once you get started, you’ll get full access of support from hundreds of people in our private MAP Facebook group.

Our leadership is currently high positioned, so you’ll benefit from direct leadership of folks already making over $3,000 on the daily.

2) Add me to Skype - Edib Ridic
» Get Skype, call free!  

3) Get your VX Payment system set up.

You’ll log into the members area and set up your VX Gateway payment system, which allows you to use credit card processing to instantly buy credit packs. It is a quick and easy process.

4) Purchase your first credit packs.

I am getting frequent question on how many Credit packs one need to purchase when starting.

To be completely honest, buy as many as you can.

The more credit packs you get when you’re starting, the better off you’ll be.

5)  Click on 10 ads every day.

It is crucial that you get into a daily routine of clicking 10 ads so your compound interest won’t get paused. There is also an optional ‘vacation mode’ which is $5 per day.

6) Recruit others

The recruiting others is NOT required, and you can still make significant long-term revenue and not recruit a single person in the business.

However, it gets pretty exciting if you consider the fact that nearly everyone repurchases their profits back into credit packs, so you’ll be earning daily earnings on the people you refer into the business for awhile…(not like most deals where 90% of people quit and you lose your residual).

Remember, you earn 10% on all of your first-level-members FOR LIFE.

Knowing this, if you bring in 20 people who are purchasing 20 credit packs every day (over time, everyone will get to this point at the 1200 credit pack level), you are earning $2,000 each day (20 credit packs = $1,000, and 20 people x $1,000 – $20,000 = 10% commission of $20,000 is $2,000).

Join my MAP Team and get our full support!

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