We already know that Microsoft is coming up with its next-generation gaming console in the industry which will be called the Xbox Series X and we are aware of this because of official confirmation from the company. Not only the confirmation, but Microsoft has also revealed the design, features, specifications as well as other things to know about this console. The only thing we don’t know about Series X is the pricing and exact launch date. However, there is still one thing that we need to talk about which is the possibility of an Xbox Series S.

The first rumours of an Xbox Series S started a few months back when the possibility of a budget version to the Xbox Series X surfaced. From that time, we are getting few reports here and there about the development of Xbox Series S but nothing from Microsoft has arrived yet. Now, it looks like Xbox Series S is more of a real thing rather than just a rumour because of a new leak. We now have leaked photos of what looks like an Xbox Series S controller and this is because we know the Series X controller looks different so this has to be for the cheaper next-gen Xbox.

It is also reported that the official announcement of Xbox Series S might come later this month so we will keep our eyes peeled out for the same. Right now, the images obtained by The Verge of Xbox controller does mention “Xbox Series S” at the back. Funnily, one Twitter user said he was able to buy this controller and it is also confirmed to be genuine which is strange because the console is far from being released right now.

This controller is white in colour and works for both the Xbox Series X and Series S and we only know of an official Black controller for the Xbox Series X which hints to the fact that the Xbox Series S might also come in White colour.

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