work from home seo myprofitlistbizMLM is complicated enough as it is without adding to it right? Well unfortunately as with a lot of things these days, they get increasingly more complicated without any real reason, as their popularity increases. They start out as a relatively easy idea, then along comes someone who makes it more complex than it really needs to be. That seems to be the case Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Pay per click means a search engine that bases its search rankings on a “bid for position” basis.

PPC is fast becoming the MOST popular form of Internet advertising. It’s the major way to drive traffic to your business site almost instantly. unfortunately, it’s also becoming more and more convoluted and expensive. Basically, you bid a price per click to be in a specific position of the search rankings for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. For example, the #1 position on the search phrase “pay per click” required a bid of $2.03 per click, but the 15th position was only a bid of $0.85. What position you want and what you’re willing to bid to get the position is up to YOU!

Your budget and a willingness to go for a higher bid number affects your site’s ranking. In other words, the higher your bid, the better you ranking when search engine returns are displayed. You’re not charged the PPC bid until someone actually clicks or selects your website name or URL.

So, if you want to really kick start your site, this is the way to do it. But remember one thing, you need to stay current. You can’t rest on your laurels and just do it once – unless of course you have so much business you can hardly stand it.

There are literally hundreds of PPC search engines you can buy traffic from. Which ones are really worth your time? Here’s a few to get you started.

One: Google AdWords – biggest and best for volume, traffic quality and user interface. Most expensive.

Two: Yahoo! Search Marketing – First, then Overture, high volume and quality with a few bargains still around. $50 credit on sign up.

Three: MIVA – One of the best, and under rated PPC search engines. $5 credit on sign up

Four: Enhance – strong emerging PPC search engine, solid quality control. $25 bonus on sign up

Five: GoClick- Cheap traffic, fast growing, loyal following, lets you start an account with only $10 and bid from one cent.