TL;DR: By merging, TrackMaven and Skyword bring best-in-class analytics together with the only complete solution for content planning, creation, activation, and personalization.

Six years ago, I was a CMO. And I was frustrated.

The status quo with marketing technology just wasn’t good enough.

There was no easy way to measure performance across all channels, and benchmark against competitors. (I am mildly competitive…)

From that moment of frustration, TrackMaven was born.

In the six years since, TrackMaven has transformed from a competitive analytics tool into a powerful marketing insight engine.

We’ve powered the marketing strategies of hundreds of brands like yours with our insights and expertise.

We’ve analyzed over 1.5 billion pieces of marketing content.

And our database grows by 1 million new pieces of marketing content every day.

It has always been our mission to make marketers more effective by making it easy to make sense of the world’s marketing data.

We believe that by giving marketers the power to prove their impact, we create more freedom to innovate, to think bigger and bolder, and to create experiences, not just interruptions.

There was just one problem.

In the past, our customers had to turn elsewhere to execute the strategies they built with TrackMaven.

We realized that the best way to fulfill our mission to make marketers more effective is to tear down the divide between the analysis, content creation, and activation workflows.

Which is why I am thrilled to announce that we are merging with Skyword, the leading content marketing platform and services company.

Introducing the #1 Content Marketing Platform

Our merger with Skyword offers a chance to deliver what marketers want most: fewer tools, more solutions.

By consolidating software, we’ll offer access to a comprehensive solution that does not exist in the marketplace today.

Marketers will finally be able to analyze, plan, create, publish, and personalize their content — all in one place.

Here are a few reasons why we are more powerful together:

  • One unified workflow: We’re combining best-in-class analytics with best-in-class content marketing. Now, our customers can stop wasting time, budget, and talent delivering ineffective content to mass audiences. Data-driven analysis will be there at every step in the content delivery process.
  • Our unique SaaS+ approach: We’re not just another SaaS tool. Along with our software platforms, both companies provide something extra (hence the “+”): the services and expertise brands need to beat the competition. We believe that a SaaS+ model is the most effective way to accelerate marketing transformation for our customers. Lack of bandwidth or expertise will no longer hold our customers back from executing iconic campaigns.
  • A complete, connected content solution: There are many publishing and workflow tools out there. But Skyword is the only one that offers a platform for managing content strategy and operations at scale alongside a global community of thousands of vetted storytellers and industry-leading services. Skyword has created and published more than 1 million content assets for customers, 30 percent in video and rich media.

What does this mean for TrackMaven customers?

TrackMaven and Skyword share a commitment to putting customers first. While we work to bring our solutions together, all TrackMaven customers will receive uninterrupted service and support.

In fact, you’ll see improvements!

We will continue to broaden our analytics capabilities and our suite of services in the months ahead. Just last week, we released a huge new feature — social advertising analytics and optimization services.

What’s more, in June, Skyword announced Skyword 360, a connected platform for managing content strategy and operations at scale.

By joining forces, we’re creating one platform where brands can deliver content experiences that build relationships, deliver value, and drive business success.

We’re thrilled to expand on the foundations both companies have built to deliver top-notch analytics and content marketing to you.

On behalf of the entire TrackMaven team (yes, including Maven), we couldn’t be more excited to be an even stronger partner to you going forward.

You can read the full press release for all the details.

Mavenly yours,

CEO & Founder

PS If you want to start meeting the Skyword team, Tom (Skyword’s CEO) and I filmed a little video on LinkedIn, give it a watch here!